The first hurdle – bachelor thesis topic

The bachelor thesis is the highlight of the bachelor program. It is the first thesis that students create during their studies. They have the opportunity to demonstrate their theoretical, practical and methodological skills in a single examination.

Therefore, the work also has a great influence on the final grade of the entire study. On average, the Bachelor’s thesis accounts for 20% of the final grade, in some degree programs up to 40%. Bachelor thesis is especially important.

When applying for a job, a suitable bachelor subject may be useful for getting the job at the company of choice. Therefore, a good bachelor thesis is especially important. But many students are already biting their teeth at the first hurdle: finding a topic.

They find it difficult to find an interesting topic which also meets the expectations of the supervisors. This article will help all students who are desperately looking for a Bachelor’s Thesis topic. After all, the choice of topic is the foundation for every successful bachelor thesis.

The think tank for your bachelor thesis topic

The first step in finding a topic is brainstorming. The point is to find out which subject should be subject to further scrutiny in the further steps. Write down possible topics directly, no matter how impossible they seem to you first. It is no problem to delete an issue afterwards – but before you register. Regardless of your field of study, the following questions can help you find the right topic:

Which topic interests you personally?

You may need to edit a very specific topic for several months. That’s why it’s important that you also have a personal interest in this topic, and maybe it’s even related to your career plans.

Do you already have previous knowledge in a relevant area?

If you have already successfully worked on a topic in your studies, you may be able to deepen this topic in a bachelor thesis. For example, if a question remains unanswered during a term paper, it could be dealt with in the bachelor thesis. Attention! Please note, however, that it is not allowed to include texts that you have written yourself and that have already been graded in the bachelor thesis.

Have lecturers or other students presented exciting topics that you could work on?

Interesting topics from lectures, lectures or other courses, which you have visited in the course of the study, are particularly suitable as Bachelor thesis topic, since the topic is already established in the academic environment and thus definitely relevant in your field of study. Complementary or in-depth research questions in this area are an asset to science.

Which topics have others dealt with in their bachelor thesis?

Most universities provide old bachelor papers in the library or online. Just flick through the list of works in your field and let yourself be inspired. Also, the direct exchange with other students can help to find a topic that you would not even have considered. Use university events and online forums to share with others.

If you answered the questions above, you should now have a selection of topics. Before you rush into the more elaborate literature research, go through the list of topics again step by step. Avoid all topics

… that have too little relevance in your degree program
… that can not be limited to a specific research question.

You do not have any ideas yet? Then a look on the internet helps. Online you will find many lists of suggested topics for each subject area.

The literature research on the Bachelor thesis topic

The next step is the literature search. Go through your list of potential topics and search relevant literature on each topic. Pay attention to the trustworthiness of the sources. A search on Wikipedia can be inspiring, but does not form the basis for a bachelor thesis. Scan the university library and online databases like Jstor or Google Scholar. The important questions in this step are:

What is the current state of research?
Which aspects have already been extensively researched?
Where is there still need for research?

Literature research is not about going through the literature in detail, reading it across, and taking notes. It is recommended to read reviews especially. In the dialogue with the supervisor of the bachelor thesis, experience has shown that there are still changes to the topic. So get an overview and then first consult with your supervisor.

The choice of the supervisor

The final step in finding a topic is choosing the supervisor. To choose the right supervisor, you can orient yourself to the following questions:

With which possible supervisor do you already have personal contact in your studies?
Have you already had a good experience with one of the possible caregivers, e.g. in a lecture or a housework?
Which supervisor has the professional competence / chair to assist you in working on your desired topic?

As a rule, supervisors would like to hear your suggested topics and see a preliminary outline and question.

Are you not ready yet? No problem, a supervisor is not just there to do an evaluation of the work. So you do not have to submit multiple pages of information to him. Do not hesitate, for example, to address lecturers directly and to disclose your current progress.

He can give helpful tips for further topics or for further action and suggest literature related to your topic. Also, be sure to schedule all the mentioned phases in time, read on here.