Study Exams

Many high school graduates, who have to decide on a field of study, usually do not even know what to expect later in their studies. So one or the other question arises about different subjects.

Law and economics are two subjects that are much in demand, and where there are often ambiguities about writing exams and grading them. Here are some facts and tips that you should keep in mind if you choose to study law or economics.

Exams in law school

A rumor that unfortunately is true that in the study of law high marks are in short supply. Especially those who go to university with a good high school diploma and great grades from school, will soon realize that in law school, a different wind prevails.

No matter how hard you try, reaching points 16 through 18 is an impossibility. The diarrhea rate in Jura examinations is on average around 30 percent – another factor that causes dissatisfaction and insecurity.

Grading system in law

The exams in Jura are not only rarely well graded, they are also particularly difficult to see through. It quickly becomes clear that the results of law examinations can not be compared with other subjects.

While nearly 30 percent of law students achieve the points 7 to 9 (“satisfactory”), only 0.1 percent create 16 to 18 points (“very good”).

The legal education focuses on reading out the best students through test anxiety and stress. The bad ones, or those who can not cope with the stress and anxiety, often fall by the wayside, or torture themselves until the end of their studies.

It is difficult to understand how the notes in Jura are composed. The comments that reviewers place next to the exams are rarely to be seen.

The solving of unknown facts is the actual component of most Jura examinations. Often a trick is added, so students have to think outside the box to solve the problem.

The grading of Jura exams consists of several points:

On the one hand, it is examined whether the main problems of the facts were seen and identified
Further, it is looked at whether these problems were solved in the next step
For this, the problems of the facts must be correctly structured, constructed and written
Unfortunately, anyone who solves all these things with flying colors can not hope for a top mark.

It is also important when writing a written exam in the law that a certain writing style is adhered to, the so-called expert opinion style. The exam must be written cleanly and methodically. The individual steps should be made clearly visible.

Jura examinations always use the same phrasing as formulas in mathematics. Thus, students do not have to think twice about the right formulations every time, but at the beginning of their studies they are even learning these formulations and applying them well and correctly.

A Jura exam does not do much to memorize factual knowledge. You have to be able to understand and reproduce the knowledge much more. Only in this way can new issues be solved well and safely, and you can easily work on exams and solve problems in exams. Law students have to know the legal terms and apply them.

Exams in the study of economics

Even in economics, the requirements for the exams are not easy. Students of business administration or economics have to memorize many formulas in order to pass certain exams. Especially mathematics is important in the study of economics.

If you are one of those who did not really care about math at school, that does not have to be an exclusion criterion. The mathematics required for studying business administration or economics is not comparable to the subject of maths, especially the nervousness about such subjects as mathematics or statistics are a problem for students of economics.

Discipline, perseverance and a lot of learning is what counts in business administration

To do well in economics, you have to spend a lot of time and patience learning. Those who can concentrate hard, such a study is sometimes very difficult. Only disciplined students who are able to learn independently and need little help from outside can obtain an economics degree with good grades.

In subjects such as Business Administration and Economics, students often have to rely on their own for exams. Economics, in particular, belongs to subjects that are called absolute learning subjects. So you have to bring the necessary discipline to successfully complete such a degree.

Failure rates at exams

Often in subjects such as business studies and economics exams are made that seem almost solvable. However, unlike in law school, you can still achieve good grades. Not infrequently, the requirements for an exam are later upscaled after the lecturer has the grade point average of the entire course in mind.

So you do not have to despair, if you know very little in a retreat and worry about the existence of the course. It may still be that you will pass the exam with a passable grade. But: Also in the degree programs in economics, the failure rate in exams is proven to be high, but not as high as in law school.

Except exams – what helps you in your studies?

Almost as in almost all degree programs, but especially in economics and law, it is important to stand out from the crowd with particularly good grades. Since this is an impossibility especially in the Jura, good contacts and, above all, internships help you to get a great certificate afterwards.

You can also withdraw your stay abroad from the other applicants. It is important in all courses of study to bring along the necessary learning and to be able to motivate oneself well, in order to reach the end with good grades.

Especially for business administration, economics and law: Do not let yourself be pulled down by bad grades!

It’s not just you. Many in front of you have graduated with passable grades, and they too have made it into life. So do not worry and do not panic if it does not hail top marks at the beginning. As long as you are enjoying studying and you know what you are studying for one or the other subject, graduation will help you in the future.